full sets

bella set

175$ | 1.5 hours

This set is designed for the client who wants a very natural set. It’s similar to one coat of mascara on your natural lashes, adding an extremely subtle bit of length or volume. (If you’re wanting a set with any amount of glam, check out the Kylie Set or the Dolly Set below)

Kylie Set

200$ | 2 hours

The most popular set. Full, voluminous yet subtle volume lashes. Perfect for the person who's looking for a more glam look, while still maintaining that natural beauty.

Dolly Set

225$ | 2 hours

A must-have for any wedding or special event. The fluffiest and fullest, these mega-volume lashes will definitely grab peoples attention in the best way. If you're looking for a bold, thick lash line, where mascara and liner are no longer needed, this is the set for you.



If eyelash content is less than 50%, you will need to schedule an extended fill. Proper maintenance is extremely important in the longevity of your lash extensions. Make sure you pre-book on the day of your appointment to reserve your spot and ensure proper eyelash content.

bella set - fills (45 min)

2 weeks | $75

3 weeks | $95

Kylie set - fills (1 hr)

2 weeks | $100

3 weeks | $105


dolly seT - Fills (1 hr)

2 weeks | $105

3 weeks | $110




extended fills (1.5 hr)

If you’ve gone longer than 3 weeks or if your lashes weren’t properly taken care of and have lost more than usual.


mini fill (30-45 min)

A mini fill is needed if it has been less than 2 weeks and you have a gap you’d like filled in, or if you want your lashes to look like they were just done but don’t yet need a fill.

30 min | $50

45 min | $75